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Every person has an origin story and it matters, ESPECIALLY when it
comes to adoption. 


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We both found out as adults in our late 20s (Samantha) and 30s (Sandria) that we were adopted as infants. We individually experienced shame, anger, grief and a host of other emotions from our families’ secrets. We did not find community for Black people adopted by Black families or public conversations about Black Adoption.
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Governor Pat Quinn signed a bill into law that provides adopted adults greater access to copies of their original birth certificates without having to get a court order. This law helped adopted adults learn more about their birth families, including medical histories.
May 21, 2010
Dr. Sam and Sandria partnered to create Black to the Beginning to disrupt the legacy of secrecy, stigma, shame, and silence about Black Adoption. We wanted to create what was missing and desperately needed, and ultimately help Black families heal. 
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We were featured in Windy City Live and Fox Soul "The Book of Sean".
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We were featured in WVON 1690AM “The Kendall Moore Show”, Truth’s Table, and Adler University.
We were featured in WGN Daytime Chicago, Rolling Out and


I really love this podcast. This is so profound. Y’all have no idea how connected I am to these stories and how they heal me.

K. Merritt

Dr. Sam and Sandria...they have been working really hard at cultivating a community where Black Adoptee voices are uplifted and celebrated and validated

Torie DiMartile

Creator of Wreckage and Wonder

I just found your podcast and it has truly been a blessing to me. I too am an adult adoptee. Thank you both for shedding light on this journey as I’ve often felt alone/misunderstood.


You ladies are definitely making a difference in the lives of so many. As a birth mother you’ve given me a different perspective, the view, feelings of the child placed into adoption. Your podcast speaks to so many from so many different angles. I applaud the work you are bringing not only to our community but to all.

C. Timms

The one post you guys had ‘Adoptive children are not consolation prizes’ was a whole message. I’ve been ruminating on it for weeks. This is such vital work.

W. Olugbala

I was listening to the episode with the birth mother last night. Like where else in the world would we hear that public conversation?! Rhetorical. Powerful!

@soulyoginisp (S. Allen)

I just wanted to thank you for this podcast. I’m starting to go through the episodes, and I am either saying “yaaaaas”, “ummm, that’s deep”, or on the verge of tears every episode I’ve listened to so far.


This podcast is refreshing and so timely to discuss the adoption triad from a Black perspective.

C. Smith



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