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Work With Us!

Black to the Beginning provides essential support and guidance to Black adoptees, their families, friends, and professionals in the adoption community. Our comprehensive offerings include coaching, consultation, and speaking engagements, all designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities that come along with the Black Adoption Experience.


Our coaching services are tailored to help Black adoptees navigate the complexities of their adoption journey by promoting self-discovery, healing, personal growth, and the ability to lead in their lives personally and professionally. These sessions are goals-oriented, include the development of a customized action plan, and offer tools and strategies to manage challenges.  We will:


  • Provide a safe and empathetic space to explore emotions and experiences related to adoption

  •  Assist in building self-esteem, identity, and a strong sense of belonging

  •  Support adoptees in their relationships with birth families, adoptive families, chosen families, and within their communities

  •  Empower adoptees to create a fulfilling and confident life beyond adoption.

  • Provide accountability and support

Format: Group (primary) and Individual (upon request)


We offer consultation services for adoptive families, birth families, spouses/partners, children of adoptees, and professionals working in the adoption field. Our expertise can help guide:

  •  Adoptive families: Address questions, concerns, and challenges related to parenting an adopted child.

  •  Birth families: Navigate complex emotions and establish healthy relationships with adoptees.

  •  Spouses/Partners: Understand how insecure attachments, loss, shame, etc. can strengthen and challenge romantic relationships

  • Children of Adoptees: Recognize the importance of their adopted parent’s experience and its generational impact

  • Professionals: Gain insights into adoption dynamics, trauma-responsive care, and best practices


Dr. Sam and Sandria are available (individually and collectively) to share their personal stories and expertise at events, conferences, and workshops.  They captivate their audiences with insightful and dynamic keynote presentations, foster interactive discussions for deeper engagement, and provide actionable takeaways and strategies. 


Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Empowering adoptees to share their stories and connect with their communities

  •  Educating families, professionals, and communities on adoptee perspectives

Their most requested offerings are:

  • Black Adoption in Popular Culture

  • The Power of Interpersonal Dynamics and Crucial Conversations Across the Life Span

  • Unsung: The H.E.R.O. in Adoptive Families of Color


Reach out to us to discuss your specific needs, inquire about services, or schedule a consultation USING THE FORM BELOW.

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Calling all librarians, booksellers, educators, parents & book lovers!

The Shelf Care Project™ is Black to the Beginning’s literacy initiative to foster awareness, critical thinking, and open dialogue about Black Adoption through the power of books.


Adoption within Black families can be complicated. “Adoption” may not be a word that we readily use to describe some of our most common formal and informal family dynamics. Understanding the nuances of “who raised you? “ and “who are your people?” often gets entangled in the roots of secrecy, stigma, shame and silence in our family trees.


Storytelling has the ability to educate, shift perspectives, foster empathy and heal. As Black adoptees who’ve turned to books and the stories of others for comfort and understanding, we know this to be true. 


Our curated recommended reading lists and book reviews, along with your partnership as a book/reading influencer, can help bridge these critical conversations on the Black Adoption Experience for youths and adults.

The Shelf Care Project

How Can You Support?

• Dedicate a shelf or display to books featured in The Shelf Care Project book list.

• Share a photo and/or video of your shelf/display using the hashtags #TheShelfCareProject #BTTBreads and tagging @blacktothebeginning_. 


• Select book(s) from this list for book club discussions, reading challenges, birthday/holiday/baby shower gifts, lesson plans, home libraries, etc. 

Email info@blacktotheginning to receive our latest book list, become an official The Shelf Care Project Partner, or to donate to The Shelf Care Project book gift-away campaign.

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